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Chloe East at YAGP


Do you ever lay in bed and crave someones arms around you but like its not gonna happen so you want to explode

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A young 16 year old David Hallberg at ABT summer intensive
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Gelsey Kirkland and Rudolf Nureyev in ‘Le Corsaire’ — American Ballet Theatre.

How to Heal

1. This is where you are right now; accept that.

2. When your hands smell like cigarette smoke and your heart feels like a vacuum, do not call him.

3. Smoke half a cigarette and vow to never smoke another. Smoke three more that day anyway.

4. Forget the way he smelt at 3 in the morning.

5. Open the floodgates. It’s okay to feel pain; it’s necessary.

6. Turn out all the lights and lay in your bed until it doesn’t hurt to move anymore.

7. Sleep until four in the afternoon, stay up until 5 in the morning just to avoid the world. Sometimes the nights silence can heal us in ways the days noise never could.

8. When your mother screams at you, it is only because she is worried. Sometimes when someone cares too much about something they don’t understand, their love comes out as anger. Forgive her.

9. Scream his name at the top of your lungs and burn the shirt he gave you. Forgive him.

10. Remember the time you fell and scraped your knee when you were eight. Remember the blood gushing blind pain and shock. Remember how it reminded you you were alive.

11. When the timing is right, remember how much you loved him. Never forget how much you loved him.

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This works for more than just people.

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This is beautiful

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The National Ballet of Canada
Heather Ogden

Sylvie Guillem  @ Béjart’s “Rite of Spring”.


jesus fuckin christ this looks horrible
friendly reminder though, let’s not use this to glorify injuries, let us instead use this as a chance to say, “shit gurl do u need a band-aid or somethin”
injuries are not metal
bein a healthy fuckin ballet dancer is metal

preach ryan